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Why the World is Turning to Smartphones

These days, having a smartphone instead of the ordinary mobile phone is not anymore being eyed as contemptuous or a waste of money. Instead, it’s quickly becoming a lifestyle for many—young professionals, corporate executives, business owners, medical and legal practitioners, students, even the ordinary housewives!

Do Mobile Price Wars Benefit Consumers?

Over the past few years, the price of smart phones and tablet computers has decreased significantly. While some of this price reduction is due to improved manufacturing processes, a significant cause of recent price reductions is increased competition. As more manufacturers enter the mobile consumer electronics market, the price of these goods will drop. The following guide explores how mobile price wars impact the consumer experience.

Security Risks for Smartphone Users

Wherever you are, whether you are simply at home, in the office or even if you travel to another country, you would always see a number of people using smart phones. Smart phones have become so popular anywhere because of the ease and convenience they bring. They not only give people entertainment because of the numerous applications that can be downloaded but they can also allow people to transact and do their work through them. Due to these, smart phones should also be equipped with an efficient antivirus software which would help protect people’s personal information and business transactions. Most smart phone users do not realize that smart phones are actually similar to computers. They need to be installed with an antivirus program because they are prone to viruses and malwares. With operating systems the same with the smart phones, users should also be aware that they need to protect themselves and this could be done with an antivirus program installed to them.

The best smartphones for children

Most kids these days have phones and even smartphones, and if you want to keep up with what your children are doing, find out where they are at and communicate with them on a daily basis, you’re probably going to have to purchase one. But what are the best smartphones for children, and why?

LG Optimus G to be LG’s Flagship Phone

LG has taken a backseat to the smartphone war over the last year or so, or at least it seems that way. When was the last time you heard about a really, really awesome LG phone? Can’t remember, right? Neither can I.

Top 5 phones by Indian Manufacturers

Players like Micromax, Karbonn; Spice coming with the latest technology to offer has made the telecom industry in India as one of the most remunerative markets for the manufacturers of global mobile phone and also the cell phone providers. With the boost in technology the mobile users in India are growing by leaps and bounds. Here are some of the jewels of the Cellular phone manufacturing industry of India.

Mobile rental – A money saver while travelling abroad

Renting a cell phone is one of the best options to the people who are planning to travel abroad. Like global SIM cards you can reduce the cost on roaming calls. With a global SIM card you have to replace your existing SIM with an international SIM card, whereas in mobile rental you can enjoy the benefit of owning your own number whilst roaming from one country to the other.

Setting Up Alerts To Go To Your Cell Phone For Easy Monitoring

I’m a long time book nerd as well as a magazine junkie, so naturally I’m obsessed with reading the news despite not always wanting to know what is going on in the world. That being said, for business purposes, knowing what is going on is essentially important.

5 Movies Filmed on a Smartphone

Smartphones have taken over our lives so it should come as no surprise that there are actually movies being filmed on these devices. These are not just short videos, but real movies with actors, plots, directors and musical scores. Some are promotional tools for the phones maker, but others are true films.

How to Get Rid of Annoying Phone Ads?

It’s always irritating to see continuously flashing, blinking and beeping advertisements on your smart phone which disturb the normal activities that you perform with the phone. Due to popularity of Android Operating system, advertisers consider it as one of the best medium for advertising their mobile websites. But there are different ways to keep yourself away from such sales pitches which are disturbing your productivity and normal work.