How to Get Rid of Annoying Phone Ads?

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August 4, 2012

It’s always irritating to see continuously flashing, blinking and beeping advertisements on your smart phone which disturb the normal activities that you perform with the phone.  Due to popularity of Android Operating system, advertisers consider it as one of the best medium for advertising their mobile websites. But there are different ways to keep yourself away from such sales pitches which are disturbing your productivity and normal work.

You cannot totally escape from advertisements, but you can avoid some problematic ads that impact your productivity. Since the application developers and mobile websites depend on advertisements for revenue, you won’t be able to have an ad free experience. There are many mobile marketing firms like StartApp, AirPush, Moolah Media, Appenda, LeadBolt etc. which work with Application developers who are interested to make money out of advertisements. They integrate their Adware along with the popular Android apps and start pushing unwanted ads to millions of people who are using these applications. Here are some tips to avoid such disturbing phone ads,

Ad Blocking Applications:

You can find many free ad blocking applications in Google Play which you can install to block ads on your phone. Some of the popular applications are AdFree Android, NetSpector Sniffer, AdBlock Plus, AdAway, etc. which you can install on rooted Android phones. The applications do some alterations to host files that are permitted only under rooted devices. When you root your Android phone you can gain complete control and access all core files in your phone. Rooting the phone allows you to install third party applications as well as customized theme which is not possible on non-rooted devices. But rooting can also impact your phone’s warranty.

For people who do not consider rooting is a safe option you could get paid applications like Data Toggle or Ad Blocker which could cost around 2 dollars. This application will get installed easily but won’t be effective in blocking advertisements. The Ad Blocker is easy to install and when you open the app, it will show list of installed software in your smart phone. You can choose the applications from which you want to block advertisements.  Though this application is very simple to install, they are not as effective as other ad blocking apps which are installed on rooted Android phones.

Blocking Internet Connectivity when Playing Games or Accessing Apps:

The Applications like Data Toggle and Ad Blocker operate by turning of net connectivity when you are accessing an application or playing games. When you don’t have internet connectivity, the application won’t be able to access advertisements and hence you can enjoy ad-free gaming experience. But you won’t be able to use this technique when your application or game requires internet connectivity to work normally. Another option is that you can switch your phone to airplane mode which can also block your app from accessing advertisements, but you won’t be able to receive messages or incoming calls. By turning off internet connectivity manually when accessing games or any application, you can save yourself from annoying phone ads.

Ad-Free Browsing:

It’s not really advisable to turn off net connectivity while gaming or using any application which requires web connectivity to function. There are certain apps like Android AdBlock which can apply specific ad filters and blocking rules to prevent unwanted ads in your phone. This app is a plug-in which was developed for FireFox web browser to block adware and malware. Now the same application has been modified for smart phones as well. You can install this app and prevent advertisements while surfing through your favorite websites on your smart phone.

If you want to block ads with push notifications, then you should install ad-blocking software in a rooted android device. By following above tips, you can prevent unwanted adware and spyware and keep yourself away from annoying mobile ads.

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