Why the World is Turning to Smartphones

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November 11, 2012

These days, having a smartphone instead of the ordinary mobile phone is not anymore being eyed as contemptuous or a waste of money. Instead, it’s quickly becoming a lifestyle for many—young professionals, corporate executives, business owners, medical and legal practitioners, students, even the ordinary housewives!

One can safely say that smartphones, indeed, have been selling like hotcakes for quite some time now.

In fact, based on recent sales figures quoted in a Yahoo article, a whopping 155.5 million smartphone units were shipped all over the globe from July-September of 2012 alone, majority of which belonged to world’s top mobile phone manufacturer, South Korea’s Samsung.

The number is actually a 32.8 percent surge as compared to last year’s sales records, and many long-time technology observers noted that smartphone sales are yet to show signs of slowing down.

With this impressive show of force, it’s interesting to list down some of the best reasons why smartphones are capturing the hearts of many. Based on comparisons with traditional mobile phones, here’s a list of what I think make smartphones a boon:

Wireless connectivity and portability. Of course, these ones are also present in netbooks and tablets; however, when it comes to true portability and wireless connectivity, no other gadgets today could beat what smartphones could offer in these departments.

There are practically hundreds of smartphones being sold today that lets you connect to the Internet over countless wi-fi hotspots. The best thing is that you can actually do a lot of things on these devices using only one hand on most models.

Productivity almost anywhere you are. For most people, smartphones is the only to go for optimum productivity when they’re on the go.

These days, a lot of smartphones are bundled with mobile Internet that lets users send or read emails, create business presentations, connect with friends on social networking sites, take and instantly upload pictures, and a whole lot more. It’s like having your office PC and work space while inside a bus or while on a vacation.

Entertainment in your hands. More and more device manufacturers are seeing people’s need for portable multi-media entertainment. For this reason, they come up with handset models that boast of more-than-decent music player, games, entertainment apps, and the like.

Help when needed. With free maps services, A-GPS and GPS features, as well as Internet search options, who wouldn’t want to take a smartphone when going into unknown locations?

All these mentioned features are what make smartphone such a hit, particularly among restless souls who are always in search of exotic locations and hideaways where they could have much-needed rest and recreation away from the unpleasant excesses of civilisation.

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  • As we all know, every thing has two sides, two different aspects which are good and bad. Smartphones too have their good and bad sides. But, Turning towards the smartphones isn’t a bad idea as you have mentioned hoiw beneficial it is 🙂