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Tag your friends in Facebook comments in a better way

Facebook allows tagging friends on status updates and comments as well. You can even tag Facebook pages on Status updates. To tag friends in status updates or comments, you simply start typing a friend’s...

Some Useful Google Subscribed Links

Google is undoubtedly the big boss in the Web Search Engine scenario. Google has been making the internet search more easy and user friendly every day. With instant search, Google has taken a leap which keeps it much ahead of every other search engine. Google has a plethora of preferences for tweaking the search results. The Search settings lets you handle options like filtering for adult content, showing results from selected foreign languages and so on. Subscribed Links is also one of these. Subscribed Links let you customize Google search settings so as to show particular results from the sources of your choice. Here are some useful Subscribed Links, the results from which can directly be shown within your Search Results.

Drrop – Interact with people through Drrops

A new Japan based website Drrop has been launched that will let you interact with people with the help of Drrops. You might ask what a drrop is. Well a drrop is like a status update from people who you may know or not know and you may see those drrops only once once you wipe them away.

Update status messages on Social Networks with HelloTxt

Many of us love making our identity over various social networks. These days microblogging platforms like Twitter, Friendfeed etc. are getting very popular. Sending Tweets have been a part of daily life for many tech-savvies. Or those obsessed with the social networks keep updating their status on Facebook or Bebo. But if you use a handful of these sites, you update your status message on each of them. But what if you get to update all those statuses from a single place? Well HelloTxt can help you do that.

Wadja-Send free sms worldwide and much more.

You might have tried to send web sms to your friends staying abroad. But very few sites offer free web sms and if they do, they do not let you send it to any place in the world. If you want to send free sms worldwide, then Wadja.com is there for you.