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How Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Differs from Other Tablets

Google just recently released its Nexus 7 tablet and I guess many have wondered how this new gadget differs from Microsoft’s surface tablet or Apple’s iPad. On June 27, the Nexus 7 tablet made an appearance during the Google I/O 2012 event held in San Francisco. It was developed by ASUS with the latest version of Android 4.1, also called Jelly Bean. Currently, it’s available on retail at Google Play for $199. That is a lot more affordable than the new iPad, which costs $499.

A Bold Promise For Computers Found by Looking Backward

In this age of iPhone rumors, ubiquitous Bluetooth earpieces, tablets, e-readers, patent wars and tech stock disasters, it might be nice to take a look at where we’ve been since this “personal computer” thing got started.

Is iPad mini production on the cards for Apple?

Apple is the most admired company in the United States and around the world. The criticism that this company has received has never been a hindrance to its growth and fame. This company caused a revolution in technology by introducing the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. These innovations made several heads turn and these remain a milestone in the relevant fields. It is rumored that Apple is planning to launch a mini iPad. This news has posed a threat to its competitors.

7-inch tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

After Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus early this year, Samsung has upgraded its first tablet PC Galaxy Tab 7.0 with a second version. Called the Galaxy Tab 2, the new gadget will be Sammy’s first tablet with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The new upgrade to Samsung’s iPad original killer Galaxy Tab comes in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi+3G combo models.

Asus Transformer Prime Tablet Promises to Blow Competition Away

With the Asus Transformer Prime on its way to Asus partners, reviewers of the device are already saying it’ll be perhaps the best Android tablet on the market, and maybe even the best tablet to date. With only the major technology reviewers having had access to the Prime for a short time, we’ve yet to see if the crazy news stories about it being able to top the ipad2 in sales are true.

Most Popular Tablets

Tablets are growing in popularity. The most well-known is probably the Apple iPad. Other bestselling tablets include the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola XOOM, and Blackberry Playbook. The main feature that makes a tablet different from...