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Guidelines for Changing a Blog Theme

Once in a while, a blogger might want to change the theme of their blog. Besides choosing from one of the many free themes available online, some bloggers choose to modify existing themes, create their own themes or pay a professional to design one for them. The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when changing the theme for your blog.

Illusions theme for Windows 7 by Josh Sommers

Windows 8 has already been released as developer preview by Microsoft. But it will take long before Windows 7 starts losing its charm. Windows 7 has lots of options for OS customization and enhancement of its visual appeal. A lot of cool Windows 7 themes are available for free. If you are looking for a creative and totally unique theme, you would be interested in the Illusions theme created by Josh Sommers.

Pimp My Gmail – a cool interface for Gmail

If you are using Gmail, you can add a variety of useful plugins from Gmail labs and choose a Gmail theme from an extended gallery. You can even customize a theme by adding colors and images. But the icons and text remain the same even with different themes. Pimp My Gmail is a script for Greasemonkey that will really pimp up your Gmail by letting you have beautiful icons and an altogether cool interface.

Twitter theme designer for the New Twitter

You can customize Twitter profile background by selecting a well designed image that fits in your Twitter profile page and that best suits you. Have you been wanting a new Twitter theme design? Colourlovers has brought forth a Twitter theme design tool called Themeleon for the upcoming New Twitter.

Undo sending a message in Gmail

There are times when you are in a hurry while writing mails and sometimes write things that could mean something else, misspell a spelling or something like that. And your practiced hand clicks the send button right away when you realize that something wasn’t right in the email. What will you do? Send another email correcting the mistakes, or regret for the next couple of minutes for having hurried? How would it be if there was some option for cancelling a message being sent? Well Gmail’s new feature lets you undo a message that is being sent.

Customize themes and colors in Gmail

With the standard version of Gmail, you can choose from, a lot of beautiful themes for your Gmail interface. From the stylish to the funny ones, the themes are surely gonna lure you. But...