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Why Hashtags Are Here to Stay

These days, the word ‘tweet’ does not refer to the fact that you could tweet like a bird, it is about whether or not you have something interesting to share on social media. Inspired by the speed of sound, Twitter is a social phenomenon because these days a conversation is digitized. Though this social media platform comes in close with Facebook, in terms of marketing and branding, Twitter eclipses Facebook.

Ways to improve your Twitter engagement with pictures

You may find yourself wondering just how pictures will improve your Twitter engagement. That’s simple. People respond to visual stimuli. When people see something they are far more likely to desire it, and eventually purchase it. Visual effects will enhance engagement, and in return it will increase the chances of purchase.

Easiest way to embed tweets in WordPress blog posts

There are times when you need to add a reference to a certain tweet by yourself or by some other twitterer. In that case, you can either capture a screenshot of the tweet or simply embed it using Twitter’s native code for embedding the tweet. There are also various other options available for embedding a tweet on a website such as embedding a tweet as an image with custom colors. But do you know what the easiest way is to embed tweets in a wordpress blog? Well its simple as copy pasting.

3 Ways to Get More Out Of Twitter

Twitter has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years. It now has over 100 million active users and is an easy way for people across the world to communicate and share information. However, to a newcomer Twitter can seem a little daunting. To the untrained eye it can appear to be a bit chaotic and confusing but with a little help you could be Tweeting away with the masses in no time. There are also many Twitter users who are not getting all that they could from it. Below are 3 simple ways in which you could get more out of Twitter.

Educational Leadership: Taking a Page from Social Media

The popularity of social media continues to expand as technological improvements make it possible to connect with people in whole new ways and this has not only caught the attention of marketing departments. Those creating educational policy and attending educational leadership graduate programs have begun to pay very close attention to the development of some of these tools. While many K-12 districts place restrictions on social media use within schools, many others have found ways to take advantage of these services and tools. Oftentimes, this integration is controlled and monitored, but it still engages students in a way that traditional measures do not.

Social Networking Tools for Businesses

The social media explosion has caused businesses all over the globe to re-imagine what branding and marketing look like in a digital world. While this has been a step in the right direction for the global business community, social media marketing comes with its own set of challenges. For starters, each social network has its own language and boundaries. First off, there are the obvious content barriers that are embedded into both Facebook and Twitter. Still, it seems that the gap between Twitter and Facebook is shallow when compared to the nebulous black hole known as Google+. With this in mind, the big question surrounding Google’s burgeoning social network is: So, now what?

Twitter Country

On August 29, 2011, Twitter took a huge stride into the Washington tech policy world by proclaiming the hire of telecommunications policy veteran Colin Crowell, a former top FCC and Hill telecom aide. Twitter is not waiting for the newest Department of Justice inquiry or FBI raid before preparing its connections in Washington D.C. Instead, the company is arming itself and gearing up for the inexorable D.C. tumult.

4 Ways to Write Twitter Messages that Will Get Attention

Twitter is a great way to gain followers and, for businesses, customers. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use Twitter to their best advantage. Most people might tweet about their new blog post, or an interesting article they just read, and that’s about it. But, if you really want to get noticed on Twitter, you have to make the messages you post really stand out.

8 Secrets to Climbing the Social Media Ladder

With hundreds of millions of Internet users registered on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses are continuously looking for new methods to tap into this vast audience. By growing your social media presence, your business could gain new customers and develop relationships with existing ones. Disregarding social media is now considered a mistake in the business world – you must seize the opportunity and take your brand towards a successful 2012. Here are eight tips to help your business climb the social media ladder.