Easiest way to embed tweets in WordPress blog posts

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August 2, 2012

There are times when you need to add a reference to a certain tweet by yourself or by some other twitterer. In that case, you can either capture a screenshot of the tweet or simply embed it using Twitter’s native code for embedding the tweet. There are also various other options available for embedding a tweet on a website such as embedding a tweet as an image with custom colors. But do you know what the easiest way is to embed tweets in a wordpress blog? Well its simple as copy pasting.

The latest version of WordPress i.e. WordPress 3.4.1 offers the easiest way to embed any tweet. Note that you must update your blog to this latest version for this feature to work if you are using an older version of WordPress. If you want to embed a tweet on a post, simply paste the URL of the tweet and it will be displayed in its full glory just like it appears on Twitter. You can get the URL for any tweet by clicking on details just below every tweet in Twitter. For example, see the following tweet.

I have done nothing here but simply copy pasted the URL of the tweet. Thanks to WordPress for introducing such an easy way to embed tweets in our posts.

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