Learn about movies recently added or about to be removed from Netflix

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March 28, 2011

Netflix pops up first on mind when it comes to DVD and blue ray rentals online. The online streaming service by Netflix makes it even more popular. There are many movies and TV shows to watch instantly on Netflix. But, its kind of hard to keep tabs on all movies being added to Netflix for instant watching. Besides, you also cannot follow what movies are about to expire. These Twitter accounts can help you know the movies that are added recently to Netflix or the ones that are to be removed from Netflix.

Follow Instant Netflix on Twitter and you will receive timely updates regarding the new movies and shows added to Netflix Watch Instantly through Twitter. They also give other updates at times but they won’t nag you.

Another useful Twitter account is queuenoodle to keep track of the movies about to expire from Netflix Watch Instantly. Follow it and you’ll know what movies are about to expire from Netflix through Twitter. You can therefore watch them ahead of time when they are still available.

If you are a Netflix addict, these Twitters can help you keep track of the movies removed or being added on Netflix Watch Instantly.

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