Cool things with Twitter

Well just besides tweeting about your daily chores, updates and learning about what the people in your network are doing, you can use Twitter to do a lot of useful things. Besides just gossiping, see how people are using Twitter for good reasons.

use twitter Help Quit Smoking: If you are on a plan to quit smoking or lessen the frequency Quitter can be a help to you. Actually Quitter uses Twitter to keep a track of your smoking habits. You need not sign up with Quitter for this. When you smoke a cigarette, just open up your Twitter account and tweet this message:

@iquit 1

Type exactly as shown above. If you smoke three cigarettes type @iquit 3. The number after @iquit is for the number of cigarettes smoked. You can post anytime after you smoke or post once a day mentioning the number of cigarettes you smoked that day.

As you gain control over your smoking habits, you can also write your thoughts about it. Send Quitter a message that doesn’t start with a number. Fox example:

@iquit Haven’t smoked since morning. I think I should have one now.

You can track your progress by visiting the page: Replace username with your Twitter username.

using twitter Twittering from mother’s Womb: Well do you know who is the youngest Twitter user ever? He is called @kickbee in the world of Twitter. An expectant father created a device for his wife which can send a Tweet everytime the baby kicks the womb. The device is made of stretchable band and embedded electronics and sensors. A microcontroller transmitter passes the signal via bluetooth to a Java application which uses the Twitter API for posting a message on Twitter.

Cookbook in Twitter: If you would ever have to write a recipe on your favorite dish, how much will the word count be? Can you imagine writing it within a limit a 140 characters? Well some experts are suprisingly using Twitter for posting short recipes. cookbook’s recipe for Yorkshire Pudding looks something like this:

Yorkshire Pudding: puree@high c milk&flour/2egg/dash salt. Grease muffintin w veg oil; preheat@200C/400F. Quickly +batter; bake gold/puffed.

Think of something new and use Twitter wisely and creatively, helping yourself and the world.

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