Features of File Recovery Software To Recover MS Office Doc Files

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March 31, 2012

Generally, our computer prompts us to perform the cleanup of our system in the situation of little or low disk space. However, if we neglect this warning and keep on saving a new file to the disk or update a previously saved one then we may end up losing this file. Thus, it is highly recommended to not to save or make any changes to a file on the disk that has very less space.

Well, I have faced this situation and lost one of my valuable doc files. But, thanks to data recovery software like SQL Server Recovery by which I recovered my lost file without much effort and time. Let me narrate you the whole incident in brief. After updating one of my valuable document files which was saved on MS Office 2000, when I tried to save those changes encountered the following error message:

Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error.”

This error resisted me to do anything on my doc file thus forcefully I had to close the application without saving the changes. However, I opened the folder in which this file was saved before making any changes but found that the file was not there. Worried! Searched various other folders in which there was a probability of getting that file but with no luck. That doc file was really very precious to me as it was containing the reports of my recent project thus I wanted it at any cost. Madly, searched over the internet and found that there is a long list of file recovery software.

The features of  comprehensive software which I liked the most are:

  1. This recovery software recovers lost or deleted data files including MS Office files, PDF files, Songs, text documents, photos, emails, etc.
  2. The software recovers data from formatted or corrupt hard disk drives.
  3. The software also recovers data from deleted partitions like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS, HFS+, HFS Wrapper, etc.
  4. In addition the software provides the utility to the user to create the image of the hard disk. This created image can be used to recover the data when the instance of data inaccessibility or data loss occurs.
  5. This software also comes with bootable disk which can be used to start up your system in case your system fails to boot.
  6. The software is separately available for Windows and Mac users.

Initially I downloaded the free demo version of this file recovery software and scanned the drive of my Windows XP based system from where the file got automatically deleted. However, the demo version provided me the preview of the recoverable files and for full recovery I had to purchase the license of the software which bears an affordable price. Thus, purchased the full version and in just few simple steps recovered my precious doc file.

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  • User8497

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  • Bert Leen

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    PowerPoint presentations by using of Kernel for office recovery