Does the new Microsoft Office 2013 have cloud based features?

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July 28, 2012

Microsoft recently gave its customers a preview of the forthcoming version of the Office productivity suite. Ever since this official announcement, Microsoft has been providing information about the features of the new Office 2013 and how they’ll work. It is pretty evident from all this that this time around Microsoft is laying great emphasis on cloud-based features. Prominence has also been given to the question of mobility in this age of portable devices. The imminent Microsoft Office 2013 will be using Microsoft SkyDrive for cloud storage where you can not only access your files but also save your settings and templates and take them with you, no matter where you go.

Microsoft Office cloud basedOffice 2013 promises a consistent profile for users across several devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users will be able to store their files in the cloud and access them in a multiple locations. According to Microsoft, internet connectivity should not be an obstacle to productivity and people should be able to work both online and offline. According to the partner group program manager in Office, John Jendrezak, this is the core idea behind connecting Office to the cloud.

By creating one profile using any current Microsoft account, users can avail storage of their files and personal preferences in the cloud and use them on any device that has Office installed on it. Customers will no longer have to worry if they are not finished with their work on a document or a presentation at the end of a work day. They can simply start off wherever they left it on their tablet or their Windows 8 smartphone. Microsoft has also pointed out that the new Office, with the cloud at its core, will provide a satisfactory user experience not just on a PC but also on tablets, both Surface RT and Surface Pro.

In addition to SkyDrive, you can even stream and launch a temporary Microsoft Office copy of any individual Office application without having to install it permanently, thanks to the innovative Office on Demand feature. With this you can access all your recent Office presentations, documents and sheets and on closing, no record of the application or your data will be left on the temporary system you use. So far experts and analysts agree that Microsoft has greatly simplified and improved the overall user interface and got rid of all that was confusing or cluttered.

On purchasing Office 2013, you will be able to install it on up to five PCs, both Windows and Mac. But it will only run on Windows 7 and later. Microsoft’s revolutionary new Office 365 will give users universal access to their applications with the power to collaborate, share and communicate, all within a single industry-standard productivity suite. In short, as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer believes, Microsoft Office 2013 is designed not as a product but as a service.

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