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Microsoft Office cloud based

Does the new Microsoft Office 2013 have cloud based features?

Microsoft recently gave its customers a preview of the forthcoming version of the Office productivity suite. Ever since this official announcement, Microsoft has been providing information about the features of the new Office 2013 and how they’ll work.

How to fix MS Word File opening Error

The message saying that Microsoft word cannot open the converter and thus preventing a file from opening is very common encounter among MIcrosoft word users. You can fix the mswrd632 converter issue on Microsoft Word with these simple tricks.

Count words in documents in bulk with Total Assistant

What if you have dozens of documents and you need to have the total word in a single go? It wouldn’t be practical to open up every single document and check its word count. Well, Total Assistant is a great solution for checking word counts of documents in bulk.

How to prevent Internet Explorer from opening Office documents in the browser itself

Although Internet explorer doesn’t have much plugins as does Mozilla Firefox, it has some very handy features by default. Like you can view any Office file – Word, Excel or Powepoint file right into the browser and you can even edit it there. This is a useful feature but some people may not like it. But you can prevent Internet Explorer from Opening Office documents in the browser itself.

How to filter documents and photos in Gmail

Sorting emails containing documents, pictures or other files would be easier if they could be filtered into respective folders as soon as they reach your inbox. Using Gmail Filters, you can filter emails containing documents into a “Documents” folder, the ones containing pictures to “Images” folder and the like, making it easier for you to search through them.

5 ways to view documents online without signing up

Documents are shared generally in formats like PDF or .doc over the internet. Generally we all have standalone software like Acrobat reader for viewing PDFs and Microsoft Word for viewing and modifying word documents. But, documents on the web can also be viewed on your browser without having these software installed on your computer. Here are some options for viewing documents online or in your browser without installing any of these. Moreover, these don’t require sign-ups either.

Upload Excel 2007 files directly to Google Docs

The latest version of Microsoft Office Excel till date i.e. Excel 2007. The extension of files created or edited with Excel 2007 are saved as .xlsx files. This kind of file is not supported by the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel i.e. by Excel 2003. This kind of file was also not supported by Google docs. But recently they have added a feature letting you to upload Excel 2007 files.

Open your Office Documents on Computer with Google Docs

If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, your office files like DOC, XLS etc. will automatically open up in Word or Excel. If you wish to see them on Google Docs you don’t need to upload them. You can configure your office files to open directly in Google Docs on double clicking.

Convert PDF to Word/Excel and vice versa online

Word or Excel files to PDF and vice versa can be a clumsy job for some people. If that makes you sigh then don’t worry, feepdfconvert can be your all time friend for converting PDF files.

Synchronize Google Docs with other Word Processing Applications

If you are a person who frequently uses word processing applications and share related files with peers, friends etc, then you are probably familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs has been a boon for those who work on creating and publishing documents and wish to access those files from any place on earth.