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Enjoy Your Coffee with 7 Coffee Applications Powered by Android

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January 8, 2012

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good cup of coffee and reading about coffee related topics on your phone. Well, Android is helping coffee lovers expand their love for coffee. If looking for instructions on how to make coffee related drinks, to locating the nearest Starbucks, Android applications are here to help.

My Coffee Card Pro

This is the app for any Starbucks lover. For $1.99, this application allows the upload of any Starbucks Card (Gold or gift) so there is no need to carry cash or cards for daily coffee purchases. The app also includes a store locator, the ability to track Starbucks Rewards, and options to upload extra money. A great app for Starbucks drinkers.

Single Serve Coffee

This free application is dedicated to those coffee lovers that enjoy coffee one cup at a time. It also has neat features for coffee pods, one cup coffee machines, K-Cups and K-Cup accessories. This is a great blog for those who enjoy reading about all things coffee while they drink their favorite coffee.

Perfect Coffee

This application is great for anyone looking to make a coffee at home. Punch in how many cups you’re looking to brew and go by the easy to read graph. It gives the user a graph of how much water goes with how much coffee and which cup size to use. Perfect for those who do not enjoy wasting product.

Coffee Run

One of the best applications for coffee drinkers. Instead of trying to remember friend’s orders on paper or by memory, Coffee Run allows friends to give specific directions for what they want. There is no way to mess up anymore orders while waiting in line.

Coffee Counter

A great app for those who are dieting but don’t want to give up the love of coffee. This application counts how much caffeine, calories, and fat is added and gives coffee drinkers the total amount. It counts up to 20 cups, which is good for anyone pulling those all nighters.

Coffee Guide

Ever wondered how to make a Con Panna, or a Macchiato? Worry no more, because Coffee Guide for the Android is the application for coffee drinkers everywhere. It gives the user a detailed description of how many parts espresso, milk, and milk foam is needed for any drink, and how it should look in your glass.

Coffee Roaster

This app is good for any coffee roaster lover. This application allows the user to track and record times and temps for their roasting process, and lets the user upload the results to other coffee lovers who are searching for a great cup of coffee.

Sit down, prop your legs up, and sip away as your Android takes you on a coffee themed ride. Expanding your love for coffee never tasted so good. So get to finger tapping and keep all the coffee knowledge to yourself, or share it with other coffee lovers.

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