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Educational Apps for the Android Tablet

Tablets are making themselves present in nearly every aspect of life. Schools are turning towards the mobility and ease of use for teaching children as teachers find them informative and useful. As developments in app creation escalate, support for a variety of educational methods become available. What are some of the best educational apps for Android tablets?

Will Bouncer be Enough To Address Androids Never ending Security Lapses?

Finally Google has decided to take a step in order to solve the many problems that are arising with its smart phone operating system Android. The main problem is that of applications which are infected with malware or spyware of some sort or another, Bouncer is an anti virus system which will be monitoring and making sure that apps are safe to use.

The Top 3 Android Apps for Business on the Move

With people using their smartphones for all kinds of purposes, ranging from business to social, entertainment to administration, it helps to find out how we can make the purpose for use simpler. After all, not everyone likes the built-in applications that come with smartphones, whether it’s the iPhone, the Blackberry, Android phones or Windows phones. Everyone has their own opinion – a bit like who is going to win tournaments or MVP awards.

Cool Android Apps for Bright Minds and Intellectuals

Android apps are wonderful tools for the bright and intellectually active minds, whose brains excel at everything they do. Adept at multitasking, they are always on the lookout for some new cool and useful...

6 Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Gone is the spring and summer is moving towards its peak — it is time to have outside and be in shape. It is right that your iPhone has lots of apps for tracking the calories and kilometers to be in shape. However, there are plenty of health related apps in the market of Android, too.

Monitor your Teens use Android Parental Control App

Android parental control is the solution to all the problems that parents who work extra hours face regarding monitoring the activities of their teens. It is known for a fact that teens that spend more time watching the television and playing video games have the tendency to develop health problems later in life.

Ringtone Architect

Top Free Android Apps to Create Custom Ringtones

Mobile phones hardly have any identity without ringtones. And that is why having a custom ringtone is really important. Depending on what your taste is — you might want to cut out a part from your favorite song or you might want to use a really cool sound. Whatever you want as your own custom ringtone, here are a few ways to make that ringtone for free on your Android phone.

Enjoy Your Coffee with 7 Coffee Applications Powered by Android

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good cup of coffee and reading about coffee related topics on your phone. Well, Android is helping coffee lovers expand their love for coffee. If looking for instructions on how to make coffee related drinks, to locating the nearest Starbucks, Android are here to help.

The State of the Appmosphere

Currently there are over 250,000 android apps in Google Market Place, a number that will no doubt have almost doubled by the end of 2011. The Android platform is growing at the speed of light and may even overtake Apple’s ios platform any time soon. But do these facts equate to a unanimous success story?