Turn your blog into a book

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September 30, 2010

Are you a regular blogger and love blogging about things that interest you? Blogging is a good way of archiving your thoughts and ideas. Wouldn’t you love to have your blog in the form of a book? Or, if you believe you’ve mind boggling content, wouldn’t you love to get your blog published as a book? Anthologize is a great tool that gives you the power of converting a blog into a book.

Anthologize is currently in its alpha stage and is free and open source. It is available as a WordPress 3.0 plugin. After installing the plugin, it will extract all your posts to bind them into a book. Besides, you can also extract content from external feeds or directly create new content within Anthologize. The plugin isn’t available for platforms other than WordPress and can only be used on self-hosted WordPress blogs.

anthologize settings Once you download the plugin, you can upload it to WordPress’ plugin directory and activate it from the admin area. When the plugin is installed, you’ll see Anthologize in the left hand menu. Now click on New Project and to create a fresh project or go to My projects and create one from there. In the left hand pane, you’ll see a list of your posts In the main section you’ll be prompted to create a New Part. Go ahead and create one, give it a name and save it. Now drag your posts from the left hand menu to the Parts area. Finally click on Export. Here you’’ll need to enter details like, Year, copyright holder etc. Next you’ll see some options for setting font-size, paper size etc and also areas for writing Acknowledgement and Dedication for your book. Choose proper options, fill in the details and click Export. You book is ready to distribute. Creating a book from blog had never been so easy.

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  • Duges

    perfect story bruh enjoyed this much