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The $49 Mini Laptop: Will It Influence the Computing World?

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June 4, 2012

VIA Technologies Inc., a corporate group noted for bringing out innovative electronic products, has created a stir in the world of compact PCs by launching the $49 mini laptop. Called as the APC 8750, this mini laptop is actually a product that has been aimed at the developing world. However it is still not the cheapest PC in the world. For, the Raspberry Pi – a Linux based system priced at just $25 had been released earlier. Still it is hoped that this brand new mini laptop will make computing affordable for thousands of people who can’t buy expensive hi-tech products.
The $49 mini laptop has some interesting features that make it more desirable when compared to the Raspberry Pi. It has a higher processing speed, more memory power, and a faster booting period. But this mini laptop can provide a video output of only 720p; whereas the Raspberry Pi offers an output of 1080p or higher. You will also need an external power supply for powering the device. Still, the $49 mini laptop can function as an alternative to the $25 Raspberry Pi system which has gone out-of-stock due to issues like scarcity of components, etc.

The APC 8750 mini laptop is also supposed to be a replacement to the more expensive windows based computing devices. This mini laptop can be used for browsing the internet and for performing other typical applications like: storing data; computing/processing of complex numerical data; etc. This mini device also consumes a lesser amount of power when compared to the standard computers, net books or notebooks.

Interestingly, this APC device has suitable ports that allow it to be connected to your TV or monitor. It is also based on a Neo-ITX motherboard. Therefore the APC 8750 can be connected to your old computer’s monitor and can be used as a backup, in case your old PC crashes unexpectedly. You can even use this $49 mini laptop and set up a ‘smart TV’; or play exciting games on your TV at no extra costs. This device will also enable you to watch high quality HD content and video on your TV, thereby giving you an exciting ‘home theatre experience’ at an extremely low cost. This mini device uses Google’s Android OS which allows the connection of keyboard and mouse.

Due to such advantageous features, it is hoped that the APC 8750 mini laptop will have a greater demand and requirement amongst those who are interested in a low cost computing experience. The laptop will also be suitable for people who just want to browse the internet or read email while executing simple tasks and applications. This product will be shipped in July and orders are now being taken. So the effects of the $49 mini laptop on the PC world will be confirmed only at that time.

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  • David Hanson

    I received an email from them today with an invitation to pre-order.  I was thinking of ordering until I learned that the shipping cost to the USA is $38!!!!