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Imagenuke – Start your own Image hosting website

You must be familiar with image hosting sites like Flickr, Photobucket etc. Image hosting sites are becoming really popular these days and with the increasing trend in rage comics other sites like imgur are also gaining popularity. Running an image hosting website can take you some time to hire developers or even code everything down on your own. But for your convenience, there are lots of image hosting scripts that will let you to have a dedicated image hosting site up and running easily. If you want to run such a site and are looking for an easy way to do it, Imagenuke can come in handy.

Five Tips to Get the Best Plasma TV

Plasma TV is very flexible, for it can display from standard TV display, Blue Ray, gaming images, to HDTV. So, why should spend your relaxing time watching your old TV if you can have a more vivid entertainment with a plasma TV?

Optimize PNG files for the web using PNG Gauntlet

PNG files are used very often on the web. Optimizing PNG images for web is also very necessary. It can be accomplished with Photoshop or other similar image editing software but you may have to compromise with the quality if you aren’t an expert user of such software. If you are looking for a lightweight application that can optimize PNG images on the fly without losing the quality, PNG Gauntlet is worth a glance.

Explore old photos at Whatwasthere

Don’t you sometimes wonder how the world looked like a hundred years ago. You must have seen pictures and Grayscale videos from ancient war times but that may not be enough. Whatwasthere is a website that lets people upload and tag photos from the olden days, the photos taken or collected by their ancestors. The website has a very user friendly interface and the photos can be easily browsed through the integrated Google Maps.

How to extract images from Google Docs Document

With addition of great useful features, one can get all the basic benefits of standalone desktop word processing software on Google Docs. Google Docs lets you insert images into a document as well. But you cannot extract the images directly from the document editor in Google Docs. Here are some tricks for downloading images from Google Docs documents.

How to filter documents and photos in Gmail

Sorting emails containing documents, pictures or other files would be easier if they could be filtered into respective folders as soon as they reach your inbox. Using Gmail Filters, you can filter emails containing documents into a “Documents” folder, the ones containing pictures to “Images” folder and the like, making it easier for you to search through them.

1 Million FPS slow motion video of bullet impact

You must have seen slow motion scenes on movies where an action taking place very fast is shown in slow motion. Slow motion techniques are employed in movies off and on. Actually in a slow motion video, a bunch of images are captured very fast—at least 120 images per second, and often 300 or more and then played back at the speed that your eye can grasp. Here’s a cool 1 Million FPS slow motion video showing a bullet impact.