Change the appearence of your Firefox with Anycolor

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July 26, 2009

Seeing that interface of Firefox everyday again and again may bore you. And to get rid of it, you head to download a cool vista theme for your Firefox. Well, how long will you keep installing new themes and throwing away the old ones? What if you get to customize the whole appearance of Firefox all by yourself? Well Anycolor can help you do it.

anycolor firefox plugin You can download Anycolor addon from Mozilla Firefox’s addon site. Just install it, restart your browser and you’re ready to roll. Now when you restart your browser, you’ll see a window with some basic settings. You can change the settings anytime you like.

You can change the background color, highlight color and Text color of your Firefox.. Then you have some settings for the main firefox window as well. For the header, you can also give a path or URL of the image that you want for the header. You can then set to repeat the image horizontally or vertically or just skip this setting. This is much like the css of a webpage. Another part is the Footer which also lets you choose an image, then set the colors for the footer.

When you click the “Presets” tab, you can see a bunch of readymade themes. You can click on them to apply. Or you can also download more from the link underneath. When you make a change to your theme, you can also preview it right away.

All in all, Anycolor is a great firefox addon for experimenting with the looks of your Firefox.

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