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Patterncooler – Online Pattern Maker

Even if you use Photoshop profusely, you may not want to open it up everytime to generate simple patterns for your use. An online Tool Patterncoolor lets you have simple yet elegant patterns and customize them with colors.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator by ColorZilla

A background with color gradients looks more appealing than just a plain single color background at times. Gradient backgrounds for websites are usually created with Photoshop’s gradient tools. But gradients can also be used on website via CSS codes. ColorZilla has a web based color gradient toolkit called “The Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator” that makes it easy to play around with color gradients right from the browser and then generates the CSS code for it.

10 Must have bookmarklets for your browser

Bookmarklets make your life easier while browsing the internet. They allow you to do things with just a click. Be it URL shortening, sharing pages on social bookmarking sites or fixing font sizes, bookmarklets really speed up the task. Here are some very useful javascript bookmarklets for everyday browsing.

Twitter theme designer for the New Twitter

You can customize Twitter profile background by selecting a well designed image that fits in your Twitter profile page and that best suits you. Have you been wanting a new Twitter theme design? Colourlovers has brought forth a Twitter theme design tool called Themeleon for the upcoming New Twitter.

The colors of the largest brands on the web

What is the corporate color of your company? Well Colour Lovers has assembled a list of the corporate colors of the most powerful brands. The colors of the Top 100 web brands shows that most of the companies have their logos in tints of blue or red.

Beautify your CSS with ProCSSor

The outlook of a site mainly depends on its CSS. But the CSS itself can be made to look colorful and elegant. ProCSSor is a great free service that can add bells and whistles...

Change the appearence of your Firefox with Anycolor

You can change the interface of your Firefox browser just by using a firefox plugin called Anycolor. You won’t need to install new themes and throwaway the old ones. Anycolor lets you customize the whole appearance of Firefox all by yourself.

Find and create color palettes online with ColorRotate

If you are a graphic or web designer you should understand the importance of color combinations. Nice colors and color combinations are much coveted among graphic designers, interior designers and landscapers. You must have used Kuler in Photoshop CS4. ColoRotate is a similar kind of online color palette creator that lets you browse through the color palettes, create new palettes and share them with the online community.

Format your Google Spreadsheets with colors

Coloring cells in Google Spreadsheets may help to have a quick overview of numbers and figures. Like you can highlight all the decimal numbers in green. You don’t want to manually highlight each cell right? So, let spreadsheets do it for you.

Create your own comic strips with Stripgenerator

You must have been a comic crazy when you were a child. I won’t need to tell that comics give a quick message to the reader in a very amusing way. But making comics of your own must have been a thing that you wouldn’t have ever thought of. Well if you wish to make short and sweet comic strips to show off to your friends without having much knowledge in drawing, then Stripgenerator is there for you.