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Target your Facebook Posts by location and people

Facebook has added many options to control and filter your friend list, photos, your profile etc. You have lots of options to control your profile’s privacy settings to control the visibility of different sections of your profile. Well now you can also choose who to show your Posts on Facebook. For the pages you admin, you can select the countries and places where people would be able to see a post.


Beautify your CSS with ProCSSor

The outlook of a site mainly depends on its CSS. But the CSS itself can be made to look colorful and elegant. ProCSSor is a great free service that can add bells and whistles...


Microsoft comes up with its new search engine Bing

Microsoft is soon rolling out its new search engine, Bing. Formerly known as Kumo, Bing is the latest effort by Microsoft in the Search Engine scenario after live search. It is expected to be public from June 3, 2009. Rumors have it that Microsoft will be investing a 100 million dollars for its promotion.


Troy’s Twitter Script-A great greasemonkey script for Twitter

The interface of Twitter’s homepage http://twitter.com is not that sophisticated for power twitterers. There are no dedicated buttons for retweeting, no options for uploading a photo and posting its link and so on. Due to this, many people prefer using other third party clients which provide a plethora of useful features. Desktop clients like Tweetkdeck, Twhirl, browser plugins like Power Twitter for Mozilla Firefox, etc. are a lot more preferable. Well you can also have a lot of powerful options with a script called Troy’s Twitter Script.


Customizing Toolbar and Status bar in Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers used and loved by many people. Firefox has many options for customizations and plenty of plugins available for all kind of users. The toolbar and the status bar can also be customized. There are buttons the addition of which, can be a boon.


Show shutdown menu on pressing Power button in Windows

The easiest shortcut for shutting down a Windows system is pressing the power button. But pressing it will directly shut down the computer without asking you to either turn it off, log off or Restart. Well you would ask me “Hey, why would you need that?” But suppose you press it by mistake while pressing the Print screen button? If that is the case, then you might put yourself into big trouble. You can open the shutdown menu instead when the Power button is pressed. Here’s how you do it.