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4 Ways to Write Twitter Messages that Will Get Attention

Twitter is a great way to gain followers and, for businesses, customers. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use Twitter to their best advantage. Most people might tweet about their new blog post, or an interesting article they just read, and that’s about it. But, if you really want to get noticed on Twitter, you have to make the messages you post really stand out.

Tips to Tweet Yourself to Success

There’s nothing more elating than having people acknowledge your presence and respect your thoughts by following you on Twitter. As a popular social media tool, Twitter allows people to speak their voice, be heard, and get positive reactions from anyone around the world. However, gaining followers apart from friends and family could get a little bit tricky. Here’s what you need to know to become a twitter celebrity.

Social Media, Brand Awareness and its impact

Working out how to promote an event or brand in the first stages of launch can be a difficult decision to make. In the past it may have been all about getting out into the public with flyers, putting up posters and striking deals with already established magazines and newspapers in order to print your advert, but times are changing.

Add images, Tweets and more to any page with Layers

How often do you bookmark a page or share it over social networks? Sharing isn’t a one step procedure but there are many applications that make it easier. Layers is a Google Chrome plugin which is lets you do more with webpages by letting you add sticky notes, images, videos, maps from Google Maps and even tweets to any web page. You can then share it to your family and friends over social Facebook or Twitter.

The New Twitter now open for everyone

Today Twitter has announced a New revamped Twitter that they had been calling the New Twitter. Although many users had already experienced it some while ago, the rest hadn’t got a chance to see what it looked like. The New re-engineered Twitter has a lot of features and you’ll love it for sure.

The first tweets of Top 10 Twitterers with highest number of followers

The top Twitter users have over 5 million followers and they are mostly the top known celebrities in the Entertainment industry. Lets see what they tweeted when they first joined twitter. Here’s a list of the First Tweets by the Top Twitter users with the highest number of followers.

How to send tweets from Gmail

There are various methods for sending tweets to Twitter. Well you send out your tweets through the medium you think is the easiest. Some tweet from the Twitter website, some from other 3rd party...

Update status messages on Social Networks with HelloTxt

Many of us love making our identity over various social networks. These days microblogging platforms like Twitter, Friendfeed etc. are getting very popular. Sending Tweets have been a part of daily life for many tech-savvies. Or those obsessed with the social networks keep updating their status on Facebook or Bebo. But if you use a handful of these sites, you update your status message on each of them. But what if you get to update all those statuses from a single place? Well HelloTxt can help you do that.