Get a mini figure of yourself with Sculpteo

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December 20, 2010

Do you like the life sized dummies posing at the display of clothing stores? Well how about getting a mini figure of yourself? Sculpteo is an online service that lets you have a mini figure of you delivered at your house.Sculpteo requires you to supply two photographs of yourself with comments on customization of the mini figure. Then the artists at Sculpteo create a 3D model or sculpture of you and then send it to you for any further customizations or enhancements. When you approve of it, your figure will be delivered to you within 10 days (as the site claims).

Create mini figure of yourself with SculpteoSculpteo creates your mini figure by 3d Printing. You can also contribute your own 3D models to Sculpteo. You can find lots of beautiful mini figs contributed by its community in Sculpteo’s 3D gallery. The models or mini figures made with the help of Sculpteo can be a brilliant piece as a birthday gift.

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