3D art with Microsoft paint- the work of a genius

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October 14, 2010

As a child, you must have grabbed pencils or brushes, and drawn random lines of different colors on Microsoft Paint. And you get bored after a sometime because everything drew looks messy. Or you hardly manage to draw a wireframe of a house and fill in some colors. Painting or drawing arts would be easier on multi touch devices like iPhone or iPad. But can you imagine someone making 3D art with MS Paint? Dennis from Netherlands is an amazing artist who creates 3D art with MS Paint. Amazing isn’t it?

Here are the videos of some of his 3D arts created with MS-Paint.

Dennis looks as if he is obsessed with Guns and armors. He has drawn beautiful 3D arts with MS Paint, mostly of rifles. On Youtube, his videos are branded as belongings of Fuggedaboudit Productions. He has added background music similar to that of Shooting games making his videos all the more interesting.

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