Learn everything new from Google via Google New

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September 25, 2010

Google being the Technology Giant it is, keeps launching lots of new services now and then and keeps adding new features to the already existing ones. But unless you keep regular tabs on the major blogs by Google, you won’t know what Google came up with recently. Even the technology blogs do not cover everything new by Google. Google new is a page on the Google’s website from where you can learn whats new from Google.

Google is currently featuring the Google Instant search on this page along with a very cool video. Below that, you’ll see the recent updates on the services and products by Google in small widgets. You can also see how much time ago it was launched. At the top of the widget, you’ll see which Google product to which the update is related. As of now, the latest update is on the Google’s Keyword tool which has come out of Beta.

The dropdown at the top lets you sort the items by the areas of interest and services. You can also search for the updates on some service through the search box.

If you don’t want to keep visiting this page everytime, you can create a feed for this page via Page2RSS. This service lets you create feeds for any site that doesn’t have a feed URL. Or you can directly use this URL to subscribe to this feed and know everything new from Google. Here is a video from Google on Google New.

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