What Appitype are you

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February 2, 2011

The use of mobile apps has surged exponentially in the recent years. If you use a smartphone, you must have a couple dozens of apps installed on your phone. A recently done research has shown that 55% of the mobile users are dependent on apps. The research also says that if you want to know about somebody, you might get a gist of it by taking a look at their installed apps.

The research conducted by Nokia along with Professor Trevor Pinch of Cornwell University helped lay down these facts. Around 5200 smartphone users in 10 countries were studied were studied. Various personality categories were discovered based on the research and they were called “appitypes”. These six appitypes revealed characteristic features of the individual users including their national characteristics too.

South Americans were big time connectors with 45% regular users of Social Networking Apps. The Brazilians were creators with a taste for music and style, the Indians and Germans were called the hardworking and productive appcentrics, the Italians were the “live wires” etc.

The six different appitypes were “Appthusiast”, “App Centric”, “Live Wire”, “Creator”, “Connector” and “Apprentice”. The word app was named the 2010 word of the year.

Read more at Nokia N Series Blog.

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