Google Spreadsheets enhanced for Mobile devices

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February 13, 2009

The Google Docs team has added the editing feature in Google Docs Spreadsheets from mobile devices which was previously limited to viewing only. So, now you’ll be able to edit your Spreadsheets on mobile without having to stick to the computer.

You’ll can quickly edit, view, sort, and filter your spreadsheets. These features can be accessible from the devices like the T-Mobile G1, iPhone, iPod Touch and Nokia S60. Its great to use on iPhone as iPhone’s system can handle resourceful application very easily and run advanced apps like Image editors, web server apps etc. It would have been great if it was available for most of the mobile devices.

The mobile editing feature in Google Spreadsheets can be a boon to you if you are an ardent user. You can keep a track of various things on the fly. You will find it easy to maintain your report keeping habits without having to use the computer. You can also access advanced features like extracting values from cells, apply formula etc. Or, you can quickly edit your to-do list on Google Spreadsheets for the day to add some spicy schedule to it.

Being able to edit Google Spreadsheets from mobile can really be exciting to the Google Spreadsheets junkies.

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