Add social sharing to your site using InsiteBar

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February 1, 2011

Blogs and other regularly updated websites like their content to spread like a jungle fire through social networking sites. Almost all such websites use social sharing plugins to let people easily share content on their site over Facebook, Twitter etc. Insitebar is a utility that site owners and bloggers can add to their website to enhance social sharing.

Share Bar using InsitebarYou’ll first need to register your website. You’ll then be able to use a preset toolbar that you can customize by adding applications from the InsiteBar market place. There are already over 1000 applications ranging from social apps to game apps and more. You can even add your own app if you can create one.

Insitebar is fully customizable. You can make it look the way you like in just a matter of seconds. There are about 10 pre-canned themes that you can choose from. You can even change the position of the bar to display it at the top or bottom of a page.

InsiteBar also has a support for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can add InsiteBar to WordPress, Blogger, Joomla or other popular content management systems via InsiteBar plugins. After installing InsiteBar, you’ll see a bunch of social sharing buttons including buttons for Facebook and Twitter sharing as well.

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  • Johnr33

    Wibiya is much much better

  • jgodfish

    @johnr33: please check it out before writing nonsense