Best 5 tools to Share multiple links with one short URL

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November 22, 2010

URL shortening services became immensely popular after microblogging sites like Twitter came into light. There are hundreds of websites that let you shorten URLs. There are times when one needs to share more than one URL with his friends and in such cases, he needs to add all those URLs as well. In microblogging sites like Twitter where the character limit is not more than 140 characters, sharing multiple URLs with individual links takes up the space that you could otherwise use for writing about the link. But a new trends is on air, shortening multiple URLs or a stack of URLs. You can shorten all of them in a go and share them with a single short URL. Here are some online tools that let you shorten and share multiple links with a single Short URL. the leader in URL shortening services recently launched the URL bundles feature. You can add a handful of URLs and then click on Bundle to generate a shortened link for your URL bundle. To access this feature, you need to sign in to; if you don’t have one, just go ahead and sign up. Add multiple URLs in separate lines in the box and click the “Bundle” button. This will generate the short URL for the stack or bundle of your URLs. You can also use this  bookmarkletto shorten URLs via sidebar. Drag the URL shortening bookmarklet to your browser and click on it whenever you need to shorten URLs. shorten bunch of URLs is a very simple and easy to use service that lets you shrink either a single URL or a bunch of URLs. Just paste your URL in the box and automatically another box appears below it onto which you can paste another URL to add to the stack. Finally press the Go Button and you’ll have your shortened URL. You can also shrink only a single URL if you like.

BridgeURL: It is a service that serves both as a URL shortener for a bunch or URLs and a medium to slideshow websites. Upon adding your URLs you’ll get a URL for the stack and also a link to it. Open the link and you can view all the URLs added to the stack as a slideshow.

Minmu: MinMu can also shorten URLs but you’ll have to enter a title for your Minmu and also the title for your URL, which can be a bit tedious. But you’ll have the option for updating your URL stack or removing it. The shortened Minmu URL shows the thumbnails of the URLs added to the stack.

Multiurl: This can also be used to shorten multiple URLs. If you sign up for an account, you’ll get more beneficial features like editing the link later on, adding URLs to the stack and so on. One great feature of MultiURL is that you can password protect your URL stack.

Try these out to shorten URL stacks or a bunch or URLs on the fly.

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  • You have missed two great services here: and

    They offer the most comprehensive set of bundling features and better and stable services after all.

  • tipkilby

    This is the exact information I was looking for. I needed a customizable URL shortener that would give me the ability to display multiple URLs. The last one on your chart MultiURL is fantastic and works perfectly for my need. It is really flexible, and has a nice easy-to-use interface. Thanks!

  • Timothy Takemoto

    none of them seem to work. is still there but does only one it seems. I just used which works fine and provides lots of alternatives but makes you jump through hoops giving captions to each of the sites and a fiddly capture to prove you are not a robot.