URL Shortening bookmarklets for your browser

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September 5, 2010

URL shortening bookmarklets Long URLs aren’t much feasible when it comes to tweeting or sharing links. URL shorteners came along to help you trim the URLs to something short. There are lots of URL shorteners that help you shrink a URL to make it easy for you to share, or use in print. But copying a URL, heading over to the URL shortener website, shortening it and then grabbing the shrunken URL is a bit longer process if you really love shortcuts. In such cases, browser bookmarklets for URL shortening can be helpful. You can save the bookmarklet to your browser and shorten a URL with the click of a button. Here’s a list of some of the URL shortening bookmarklets from different services. To save them to your browser, just drag the javascript bookmarklet links to your browser’s bookmark bar. Whenever you want to shorten a link, just click on the bookmarklet and you’ll have your desired shortened URL.

is.gd is.gd
bit.ly bit.ly – Sidebar Bookmarklet(When you click on it, a sidebar will appear with your shortened link.)
bit.ly – Standard Bookmarklet
goo.gl goo.gl
cli.gs cli.gs
snipurl.com snipurl (default)
You can customize your bookmarklet as well
tinyurl.com tinyurl
shorturl.com shorturl.com
memurl.com memurl.com
tiny.cc tiny.cc
w3t.org w3t.org
idek.net idek.net
moourl.com moourl.com
lost.in lost.in
digbig.com digbig.com
decenturl.com decenturl.com
lnk.in lnk.in
rubyurl.com rubyurl.com
shorl.com shorl.com
simurl.com simurl.com
smallr.com smallr.com
tighturl.com tighturl.com
urlcutter.com urlcutter.com
urltea.com urltea.com
u76.org u76.org
wapurl.co.uk wapurl.co.uk
yatuc.com yatuc.com
piurl.com piurl.com
urlvi.be urlvi.be

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  • Mac Adams

    These shortcuts are really gonna help a lot. But generally who would use more than one? bit.ly must be in the top position.