Some tools to check the position of a site on Search Engines

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January 19, 2011

A webmaster is always concerned about the ranking of his site for the chosen keywords and the traffic driven to the site. Checking the SERP rankings of any website for a particular keyword is pretty much easy and straightforward as, a webmaster can wear the shoes of a normal netizen and search for his chosen keyword. Then comes the task of locating his site on the SERPs. If the site appears on the first page or even the second, it wouldn’t be much of a difficult job. But imagine if your website is just budding and lags far behind in the search rankings. In such a case, doing a manual check over all the results ranging to the 10thm, 20th or God knows how many pages could be very tedious. To assist you in such cases, there are lots of tools that show the position of your website on the search engines in a snap. Here are some of the tools for checking a website’s position on search engines.

Google Position Checker Tool by Search Engine Genie: This tool gives the position of a website on Google Rankings for a particular keyword. One just needs to enter the targeted keyword, the URL of the website and the position of the website for that particular keyword is shown. This tool is quick and easy to use and the results are shown instantly without refreshing the page. Google Position checker tool can show the position of a website only if it is lies somewhere in the top 300 positions.

Google Position: This tool also asks you to enter the URL of your website and your chosen keyword. You can choose a limit from 50 to 400 results on which your site may appear.It not only gives the position but gives a list of all URLs appearing on the search results page on Google for the kwyrod. It then highlights your website wherever it appears.This tool also shows the number of pages from your website that appear in the search results.

Google Position Tool: This handy tool first asks you to enter the URL of your website and then the keyword. You can also select a language to see the results for specific country domains of Google.It then shows you the position of your website in a similar way as it appears on Google.But this tool doesn’t tell upto how many results can it scan to check the position of your site.

Google Rank Checker: Google Rank checker is a simple and easy to use tool. All that you need to enter is the URL and keyword and the position of your website for that particular keyword is shown within seconds.

Rank Checker by Mike’s Marketing Tools: This tool by Mike’s Marketing Tools shows you the rankings not only from Google but also from Yahoo, Bing and AOL. So you can compare the results on Google with Bing, Yahoo or AOL. It doesn’t have Geotargeting option though and also doesn’t specify the threshold page upto which it scans for given URL.

Search Google Position: Search Google position allows upto three checks per day. You can also get the geotargeted results for your query. This tool can check the position of a URL upto 1000 results, i.e. 100 pages.

With these helpful rank checking tools, you can easily and quickly check the position of your website on Google and other search engines in a snap.

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  • Anonymous

    Search engine position checker

  • George

    Good article!!! I think it it is useful… Personally I use for a long time already the checked up search engine – To me it is pleasant to that doesn’t contain banners of spam and pleasant, simple design.

  • Anonymous

    yes, the tool you mention also looks good.

  • Anna

    I should recommend also Colibritool. They are probably not free at all but they are worth testing 🙂 They provide many features like backlink checking, conversion measurements, keyword suggestions and more. Great for these smaller ones and bigger companies 🙂

  • This is Very useful information shared here. Thank
    you for sharing it.

  • Very useful information. Thank you for sharing
    it. Thanks