How to keep your tab active for websites that have inactivity timeout

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November 22, 2010

Certain dynamic websites that are paranoid about security log you off automatically if you haven’t been active on the site for sometime. If you need to use such sites very often you will surely be disturbed to login time and again. So, you’ll need to do something that will keep the session running for a longer time. Session Keeper is a Firefox addon that keeps your sessions on websites with inactivity timeout for a longer period.

With Session Keeper Firefox addon installed, you can keep a session for a longer time for any web application that has invactivity timeout. After installing the addon, you’ll see a red colored icon at the bottom right hand of Firefox. Click on it to bring up the options dialogue box. You’ll need to enter the Start URL, End URL, URL to ping to keep the session live and the time interval for the ping. By default you’ll see a localhost login URL and a logout URL for the same in the start and end URL boxes.

In the Session Keeper’s settings, you need to enter the URL of the page that you see after logging in, inside the Start URL box. One drawback of this plugin is that you can only use it for a single website at a time; you cannot run multiple instances of this Firefox Addon.

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  • jainvinod8june

    any software for internet explorer8

  • Andy Shelton

    Session Keeper did not work for me. Any other options? I am a student and need to be logged into for long periods of time. But it automatically logs me out if I have been inactive for more than 90 minutes. How do I stop this from happening? I use Firefox and have tried browser extensions like Session Keeper and others but nothing works. I have also tried greasemonkey scripts but nothing has worked. But then again, I am new to userscripts and am probably doing something wrong. Once I log in, it takes me to and this is the site I need to stay logged into. I have noticed that when I click around in the site, the url never changes.