Create Dropbox forms using Jotforms

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June 12, 2011

Dropbox is getting immensely popular as a file storage and file sharing service. You can access all types of your files from anywhere using Dropbox and organize them into folders as well. A lot of third party applications have been developed for Dropbox with which you can have more benefit from the service. JotForm ‘s Dropbox Forms allows anybody to create an upload form which uploads to your Dropbox folder.

Jotforms can be a real time saver. Let’s say you are a teacher and you would like your students to send files to you. All you have to do is to create a Dropbox Form and give it to your students. When they complete their homework, they can submit it and the files will be automatically downloaded on your computer and get saved in your dropbox account.

You can also embed Dropbox forms created using Jotforms on your website. The forms are fully customizable and you can fully control what fields you want to show, choose templates for your Dropbox form and more. After creating a form using Jotforms, you can easily integrate it with Dropbox to use it as a Dropbox Form. with your Once you authorize Jotforms from Dropbox, a new folder called Jotforms will be created inside your dropbox account. All files uploaded via the dropbox forms will be uploaded to the folder.

A Dropbox form created with Jotform is secure because people can only send files under a specific folder in your Dropbox folder. Besides that, Jotforms also checks if any uploaded file is free from virus. Jotforms is a handy utility for integrating forms with Dropbox.

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