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January 12, 2013

We often come across funny, quirky videos on the internet. From music videos to how-to tutorials, one can find videos on almost any topic on the website. Besides Youtube, there are various other websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. that have useful quality videos. Many a times, we come across really great videos  and wish to download them for future viewing. However, the online video streaming sites don’t offer an option to download by default. But luckily, there are many third party websites that allow you to download videos from many of the online video streaming sites like Youtube. One among them is Video Ripper, a really handy online tool that lets you download videos off Youtube, Google sites, Vimeo and a handful of other video streaming websites.

Video Ripper is a great alternative to various video downloading online tools including the Video DownloadHelper, a firefox plugin that allows users to download videos. Video Ripper is quite different from other video ripping websites and is more feature rich. Unlike many video ripping websites that just allow video downloads from Youtube, Video Ripper lets you download from six largest video sites. This includes Youtube, My Space TV, Vimeo, Google Video, Daily Motion and Yahoo! Video.

Using Video Ripper’s system is pretty easy. Simply paste the URL of the video you wish to Rip and click on the Rip button. You will need to have the JAVA plugin installed on your computer for this tool to work. If you don’t have it installed, you will be prompted to do so. Download the JAVA plugin from the link provided and you will be ready to roll in no time.

The website also displays the videos that were recently downloaded from their system. The Today’s hottest and Always Popular sections house the trending and popular videos. If you want,  you can also search for videos on Youtube, Vimeo etc. right from the website.

Another useful feature is the option to convert videos on your computer to a compatible format. You can convert videos located at a remote location by entering its URL or convert one that is on your computer. For this too, you will require the JAVA plugin.

All in all, video ripper is one of the best tools to convert and download videos from Youtube, Vimeo and a couple of other video steaming sites. If you are a looking for a reliable online video downloader, give Video Ripper a try.

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  • Carlos Samey

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