Get a Twitter Rank for your website

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December 1, 2010

There are various sites that calculate the rank of websites. Alexa, Quantcast, Google Page Rank etc. are some of them. These days, the online presence of websites on social communities tremendously affect the traffic and visibility of a website. So, how do you think would you calculate the rank of a certain website on social sites like Twitter? Twitter Rank is a tool that helps determine the rank of a website and even compare it with another.

Twitter rank is an easy to use Twitter tool for calculating the Rank of a website with regards to its content shared over Twitter. Well this tool has its own way of ranking and is based on the number of tweets that include a URL of the site. One can also compare two URLs and see their Tweet Ranks or scores side by side.

Twitter Rank checker

While calculating the Twitter Rank, you can specify the time as Last Hour, Last Day, Last Week etc. and also the number of recently shared URLs. 5 is the least URL count and the maximum number of URL count allowed is upto 50.

The Twitter rank of a website over a certain period of time can be seen on a graph. The graph consists of a timeline intersecting the tweet rank scale and a line chart shows the scores of a website on different dates. When two URLs are compared for Twitter Ranks, two different colored lines are shown on the graph. So, the tool is very handy for having a quick look at the interactions on Twitter regarding a site.

Below the graph, one can see the top Twitter ranked URLs of the site and the tweets associated with it. All in all, Twitter rank is a powerful tool for assessing the interactivity of a site on Twitter.

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