Tools for creating a collage of your Twitter friends

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November 18, 2010

You can have any number of twitter followers unlike Facebook where you can only add upto 5000 friends. While using Twitter, you read through the tweets of the people you follow, reply to them but have you ever wanted to have a collage of your Twitter friends? If you have thousands of friends, having a collage with a picture of all of them wouldn’t be possible practically. But here are a few tools that let you create a collage of you twitter friends within seconds.

TwitterMosaic: Making a simple collage of your Twitter friends with Twitter Mosaic is dead simple. All you need to do is insert your username and hit the GO Button. A moment later, you will have a collage with the thumbnails of profile pictures of your Twitter friends. You can also remove a friend from the collage by simply clicking on his/her thumbnail. You have two options for making the collage; you can either have a collage of your followers or the collage of the Twitter friends. You can finally grab the code to embed the collage to your website or blog.

Twilk: This Twitter tool works in a bit different way and you’ll have to login to Twitter to use it. With the help of this tool, you can have a collage of your Twitter friends as your Twitter profile background. There are some settings for the picture collage like small or large thumbnail, full background or just sidebar, black and white or color and so on. You can finally preview the collage and apply it as a background for your profile.
Twitter Employees collage
Well have you seen the collage of the Twitter team? In Twitter’s “About” section, you’ll find a collage with thumbnails of all Twitter employees.

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