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January 21, 2011

Facebook News Feed in EmailEven if you are a workaholic who spends much of his time working on the computer, you manage to save a few minutes or even hours to keep track on your friend’s activities over Facebook. Facebook has also been sometimes referred to as the biggest time waster on the internet. For this very reason, many companies don’t allow their employees to use Facebook. But yeah, there is always a way out for anything and some witty ones figure out a way to do it. NewsFeedEmail can be a very handy application for people who aren’t allowed to access Facebook directly.

What NewsFeedEmail does is it sends all the news feeds from your Facebook to your email inbox.You can follow all updates from your friends and peers without having to open Facebook. All the updates that are seen in the Facebook’s news feed can be seen in the email along with the pictures. Cool isn’t it?

NewsFeedEmail gets updated every three hours, i.e. after every three hours you will receive a new email in your inbox with the latest Facebook news feed from the past three hours. NewsFeedEmail can also be a money saver for many of you who are into checking Facebook updates via phone.You can save some mobile surfing costs as you can get the updates free in your email inbox. You’ll see the image thumbnails of your friends and the photos they post in a similar way as it would appear on Facebook.

NewsFeedEmail integrates with Facebook via Facebook Connect. After verifying your email, you can add your Facebook account to NewsFeedEmail easily. As said, it sends you updates every three hours so basically, you can get updates upto three times in the normal working hours.

NewsFeedEmail can be a really helpful tool for those who want to get updated on the news feed of their friends even if they aren’t allowed to use Facebook. Others who want to reduce some bandwidth costs on their mobile GPRS can also use the application.

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