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Web 2.0 and Digital Marketing Domain

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August 31, 2012

Digital marketing in the present era relies on web 2.0 sites and CMSs. Marketing through Web 2.0 sites internet marketing on the basis of social web. Here, social web implies typical websites, which foster communication and sharing between users. Blogs, affiliate channels, forums, wikis, web portals, social networks, bookmarking sites and user reviews are some of the examples of Web 2.0 sites.

The second generation sites are instrumental in web marketing. There are many online tools and techniques, which connect users with Web 2.0 sites and websites with websites. WordPress is such a tool. WordPress aids digital marketers in two different ways. The first; users can create blog that mimics regular websites and secondly, WordPress is a CMS, which users can use and develop their websites. Internet marketers can make good use of plug-in and widget rich WordPress dashboard and customize their website. WordPress sites are also very much SEO friendly and that’s why, WordPress based site owners enjoy the privilege of being one step ahead in the competitive online marketing domain. And in terms of WordPress blogs, which take only some minutes to set up, marketers can create links, highly pertinent for any type of internet marketing campaign.

Drupal and Magento are also CMSs and through their use, shopping and e-commerce websites could be developed with total ease. Web developers make a good use of those platforms and their build sites, which are of 2.0 models with added features for bolstering internet marketing. CMS in general is very helpful in the background of Web 2.0 and main advantages of CMS are following;

Increased productivity – Businesses want to increase uptime and CMSs help them to build a website from scratch within a short span of time. This way, businesses can stay focused on their core activities and increase operating profit.

Better customer communication – Most CMSs have in-built widgets for setting up a contact page. Through this, businesses can better communicate with their customers. Otherwise, customers will have to call them up and the customer care executive may not be available all the time. Better model is to interact through the website.

Expanded reach – Millions of people use the internet on a global basis. Having a easy to use website with user-friendly features helps a business to reach out to maximum number of users.

Other than CMSs, social networks are also helpful for digital marketing because they offer a platform, through which digital marketing can be highly leveraged. Facebook and Twitter are two networks, which digital marketers exploit to get more and more visitors.

There are some guidelines and practices for Web 2.0 sites, digital marketers need to know. Such guidelines are developing a site that is easy to use and browse through. There are usability sites, which can tell site owners whether their sites are seamless to use and navigate through. The site owner also needs to have a URL, which is succinct, expresses the theme of the site and are staffed with relevant keywords. He also needs to check the site’s compatibility with different browsers. There are many tools and applications available online, which could help him to get all these insights. And these tools are Web 2.0 based.

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