Facebook is Where It’s At for Small Businesses

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December 30, 2011

In the immensely saturated market for emerging small businesses, how do you stand out? With spurts of technological innovations from left to right, any new business trying to break into the current competitive stream of trade has to optimize the value of ease, accessibility and effectiveness of nothing else but strategic social media marketing.Indubitably the fastest, easiest and most widely-used marketing tool today, Facebook remains on top of its game with an overwhelming number of users reaching to more than 800 million people around the world.Where Audiences are Endless

Online media has penetrated every inch and corner of people’s everyday lives from the young student, active professional to the retired veteran. The extensive reach of Facebook that encompasses all generations, types of workers, nationalities, niche markets and varied personalities only offers an incredible platform to reach your target market.

Where Connectivity is 24/7

The fact that users check their Facebook accounts numerous times in one day should be motivation enough to establish and sustain a credible visibility in the social media circle. Whether they are glued to the computer or on the go with their mobile phones, you can update them without fail thru Facebook notifications.

3.  Where Advertising Comes Cheap

It is understandable how small businesses need to save on every penny they could especially during the crucial first years when you’re still waiting to breakeven. Promoting your small business can be done by signing up for free to create a personal account or a page for your business to generate fan support. Facebook also offers more affordable advertising rates rather than spending a colossal budget on print or broadcast media that might not even reach your target market. They also have a daily budget for you to control your ad expenses.

4.    Where Target Market is Reached

With Facebook, you are able to set the criteria of the market that will see your advertisement. Whether by age, location, gender of more specific demographics, you can easily choose your target consumers Sponsored Stories has also been a clever approach to gain more patrons by having control on the content of your advertisements such as if someone “Liked” your product or “Checked In” at your store. Placed at the right side of the Facebook page, the great feature of this type of ad is that users can instantly see what their friends like which results to checking out the product.

5.    Where Presence is Varied

The key to making your presence known and maintained is by wisely using the myriad ways to stay connected with Facebook users. You can upload photos of your products, invite users to upcoming events, post links to your website, offer contests, and share videos to build your brand and strengthen consumer awareness on your business. The main advantage is you can decide on how to create an image that can be trusted by consumers.

6.    Where Applications Make it Easy

There are different types of available applications to reach more consumers or understand them better. Creating a poll can help you become more known to the public while conducting a market research.  Reviews are also helpful to increase brand support by receiving high ratings from the users.

7.    Where Feedback is Alive

You can also benefit from the direct connectivity to your potential customers where feedback can be continuously generated to gauge perception and implement improvements.

8.    Where Network is Business

Just by joining other groups, liking other pages and writing comments on other people’s walls, you can also expand your network for the future of your business. It’s up to you to make your page fun and stimulating for fans or friends to continue supporting your business since the tools are already there for you to cleverly exploit.

9.    Where Relationships Matter

The personal touch of Facebook has also made it a primary preference for small businesses that want to make an impact by building strong personal and professional relationships. Since Facebook is primarily a personal medium, you can feed on the trust of family and close friends to take you to the next level.

10. Where Viral is Possible

With just a compelling or cool video, you can become the talk of the business town. Knowing how to create a post that will generate endless re-posting or discussion is key to creating a positive buzz around your small business.

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