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Mashape – A Marketplace for APIs

It’s already a fact that APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the primary way to distribute and access services. Over the past few years, many services have begun offering an API as part of their core product, rather than a just offering a website or an app. But there are many who don’t offer API. Mashape plans to embrace the trend of API offering by making any cloud service or application programmable while providing access to thousands of developers who can use it.

Now OAuth support for Google Apps

Now onwards, Google Apps will support OAuth Login. Google Apps provides a secure and reliable platform for your important data. Google Apps administrators had to sign requests for calling the Google Apps API previously by the aid of their username and password. But this put them into the risk of sharing password across websites which may or may not be trustworthy.

Bing API for developers

Microsoft’s Bing is out for a while now. Many of us have already tested Bing and found it to be much faster and user friendly than Live search. Well developers get ready for the Bing API. Bing has a very good REST API.

Popular posts widget for your blog based on the highest number of traffic-I

You want to show your readers the posts that are most popular on your blog. If you use Wordpress for maintaining your blog, you can use or must have already used plugins that show off the most popular posts. Placing such widgets help you get more traffic to your quality posts. But the wordpress plugins basically display the popular posts based on the number of comments, i.e. the more comments a blog gets, the higher is its rank on the popular posts widget. The posts that get the highest number of comments are not necessarily the posts that get the maximum number of traffic. So, what if you want to put a popular posts widget that shows the posts getting maximum number of traffic?

Spam messages from Adult webcam site on Twitter

It looks like Twitter or most likely some third party Twitter services hadve been hacked. The message “hey! 23/Female. “Come chat with me on my webcam thingy here www.chatwebcamfree.com” was found in the update stream of many people. The messages seem to be from some adult webcam site. When I searched for the term on Twitter search, I found a number of tweets with the same thing.

GmailDrive-Use Gmail as your online Drive

GmailDrive is actually a Shell Namespace extension which creates virtual storage system that will let you access your files from almost anywhere. Gmail provides a lot of free space but generally that is never utilized to the fullest. GmailDrive will let you use Gmail as your online hard drive very easily.