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Is Apple Releasing a Budget iPhone?

Apple has long been seen as one of the more expensive mobile phone manufacturers. However, this hasn’t deterred the millions of consumers who flock to buy their products, many of them as soon as...

Smartphone Patent Battle

If we go by the history, these current battles between the smartphones started with the introduction of iOS and Android in the 2007. As we also know that older technologies give the foundation to...

Google Voice Search Lands on iOS, Could Spell Trouble For Siri

The tech world’s most favorite former partners-turned-enemy couples Apple and Google are once again going at it, and once again, Google will probably come out with the upper hand. In a move that probably shouldn’t really be all that surprising, Google is introducing a voice assistant system much like Apple’s Siri to iOS. This is a big step for Google, but not really in the direction of mending any ties between the former Google Maps partner.

Apple – Do they have the knack for events management?

No sooner had the wave of hype from Apple’s iPhone 5 died down, than the creative masterminds at the famous firm suddenly put forward their latest invite. While we all expect the event to be the latest round of high tech offerings from Apple, whose headquarters are in Cupertino, California, they still manage to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Vs iOS 6

Android’s Jelly Bean is currently available on a select few Smartphones and has a very small market share in comparison to the iOS 5. Further, it is highly unlikely that Jelly Bean will make it older Smartphones considering that the costs for mobile handset manufacturers to do so would be prohibitive. We have seen the new iOS 6 only in its beta form when it was showcased a few months ago as slated for release on the iPhone 5. The things that we can compare between both these mobile OS are limited to what we know of the iOS 6 from the public demo.

Apple iPhone 5, India Awaits

September 12, 2012 is the day the world will remember, for it is the day when the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5 was revealed. The Cupertino-based company had finally given Apple fans what they had been looking forward to, i.e. the fifth generation of the iPhone. Coming from makers who are more of inventors, and who have never given away any chance of revolutionizing the prevailing trends, Apple iPhone 5 is expected to carry the legacy on. In fact, Craig Berger, analyst, FBR Capital Markets believes that the fifth edition of Apple’s flagship smartphone will break sales records, thus sending Apple fans into tech hysteria.

Final Cut X: Apple What Were You Thinking?

With plenty of software programs that are created for professionals in the many industries, there are often battles between companies to bring consumers to their side. Of the technology and/or software-based companies, the two that may potentially compete against each other the most are the most obvious two: Apple versus Microsoft.

Steve Jobs Named One of the Most Influential Americans of All Time

If you think you’re screwing your life by sitting down in front of your PC, doing nothing but reading this article about your idol, you’re wrong. You are currently contemplating, researching and mulling about the opportunities and risks that you are willing to make to make your bleak future in software development clearer and cooler. There are so many things that you can get from this article apart from knowing why Time Magazine chose Steve Jobs to be on the list of the 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time—and that’s not just because he decided to sell iPhone.

The upcoming Apple map application to be powered by Yelp, have they forgotten Google maps?

Collaborators or competitors? Apple has decided to do away with the Google Maps built-in application in the new iOS 6 which is out for launch soon. Instead, the default mapping option is being powered by Yelp, which means that Google Maps are probably going to be replaced altogether, with a small chance that they will be available as a web-app. Google has announced that it will develop a new, upgraded Maps app for the iOS, but Apple seems to be pretty enthusiastic about Yelp.

Is iPad mini production on the cards for Apple?

Apple is the most admired company in the United States and around the world. The criticism that this company has received has never been a hindrance to its growth and fame. This company caused a revolution in technology by introducing the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. These innovations made several heads turn and these remain a milestone in the relevant fields. It is rumored that Apple is planning to launch a mini iPad. This news has posed a threat to its competitors.