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Memes on Facebook Chat

Facebook chat is pretty plain. Although it lets you have group conversations, send emoticons etc., its features are too less when compared to other chat services like Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger. But if you are a meme lover, there’s good news for you. You can now send memes to your friend on Facebook chat.

How to get the older Facebook chat sidebar back

Facebook chat sidebar now covers full length of the screen and spans vertically to take up all the height. This surely makes it easier to have a glance at more number of friends as compared to the earlier one. But many of you may not be very fond of this longer sidebar(including me) and would want to revert back to the older Facebook chat sidebar. Wouldn’t you wan’t to have the older sidebar for Facebook chat? If yes, the Facebook Sidebar Chat reversion script for Greasemonkey can be of great help.

Do your friends see you online on Facebook all the time?

As we all know, a green circle next to a friend’s name on the Facebook chat list means that the friend is online. And a grey circle would mean that the friend is away or either busy. But do you have had complaints from friends saying that you don’t reply to them even when you are online 24 hours a day? Sounds strange but for many people, Facebook shows an online status even when the person is offline. Well it could possibly be because you could be using some instant messaging application on your mobile Phone. If you use IM+ application on your Windows Phone for chatting over Facebook and are being shown online all the time, here’s how you fix it.

Chit Chat for Facebook – a cool desktop client for Facebook

Facebook chat has been integrated into chat applications like Pidgin, Digsby and recently Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger as well. Chit Chat for Facebook is a standalone desktop chat client for Facebook that serves solely for letting you chat over Facebook. Chit Chat for Facebook has a neat interface and resembles MSN Messenger in some ways.

Clear chat history option is back on Facebook

Facebook had removed the “Clear chat history” option which was a bit odd as there was no point in removing it. Many users had protested the removal with a point that it was violating user privacy. Facebook has responded to their protests and has conceded that the “Clear Chat history” option shouldn’t be removed.

Facebook’s New Groups and Profile Backup plus better Privacy options

The chat box on Facebook had recently started showing thumbnails instead of names. As evident from the new features rollout today, the changes in chat box was a beacon for the New group chat feature, an added treat to the New Facebook Groups. Other options like Advanced Privacy settings and downloading all your data uploaded to Facebook have been added.

Is Facebook bringing forth a new design?

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes since its establishment. They bring new designs and adds components time to time on Facebook. Facebook could be rolling out a new design very soon as evident from the small changes being seen in Facebok. And it sure is likely that many users will protest the redesign.

How to send tweets from Gmail

There are various methods for sending tweets to Twitter. Well you send out your tweets through the medium you think is the easiest. Some tweet from the Twitter website, some from other 3rd party...

Watch Youtube Videos right inside Gmail

While you chat with your friends on Gmail, you sometimes share links with them if you discover anything interesting on the web. Or maybe you’d like to share a newly released music video of your favorite artist on Youtube. Your friend will have to open the link, wait for the video to buffer and continuously switch between the video and the chat window. So, you tend to get annoyed at your friend’s delay in sending the message who would be busy watching the video.