Chit Chat for Facebook – a cool desktop client for Facebook

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December 11, 2010

Chit Chat Desktop client Messenger for FacebookFacebook chat has been integrated into chat applications like Pidgin, Digsby and recently Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger as well. Chit Chat for Facebook is a standalone Facebook chat client that serves solely for letting you chat over Facebook. Chit Chat for Facebook has a neat interface and resembles MSN Messenger in some ways.

You can download chit chat for Facebook messenger from their site; a tiny download of about 3MB and then start using it right away. You can login to it using your email; you cannot login using your Facebook username. It shows the thumbnails of your friends on the chat window, and all active chats can be accessed from the same window. Chit Chat for Facebook also plays a notification sounds for any new instant message.

Besides chatting, chit chat for facebook has added lot of other features that make your life easier. You can directly post messages to a friend’s wall or send a message to their inbox too. You can even write a status update for your own wall. One great feature about this application is chat history log. You can choose to save the history of all chat sessions with your friends. You can even set a status update with the current song being played on your media player.

When you enter your username and password while logging in, you will be asked if you want to post a status saying that you’re using Chit Chat for Facebook. You can ignore the message or continue with it.

ChitChat for Facebook has a wide range of keyboard shortcuts. There are keyboard shortcuts for switching through conversation tabs, send message, writing on user’s wall, loading homepage etc. Chatting with Chit chat Messenger for Facebook is really easy and fun. Try it out for yourself.

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