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How to Become a Tab Pro 0

How to Become a Tab Pro

All my friends used to make fun of my tab usage. I don’t blame them either; at any given moment in a browsing section, I would have anywhere from 20 to 40 tabs opened in one window. Everyone would tell me to stop middle-clicking every link to open in a new tab, but to me, having that original Google search really helps if the tabs I open at first aren’t as helpful as I would like. Then, I just delete the unhelpful tabs, and go back to the Google results page that I left open.

An all in one Chrome extension for Google+ 0

An all in one Chrome extension for Google+

With the introduction of Google+ in the social networking scenario, a lot of browser addons and extensions have already been developed. Extensions for having Google+ notifications, quick view etc. are already available for Google Chrome. GTools+ is an extension that may be the perfect tool for Google Plus you’re looking for.

Quick view the links shared in Google+ through Chrome 0

Quick view the links shared in Google+ through Chrome

Twitter after its new redesign lets you see shared videos or photos from Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Yfrog, Twitpic etc. without leaving the site. Wouldn’t you want a similar functionality on Google+ where you can view a site shared on Google+ without having to leave the page? Quick View for Google Plus is a Chrome Extension that lets you view content shared on Google+ without leaving the website.

Google Chrome out for Mac and Linux too 2

Google Chrome out for Mac and Linux too

Google Chrome, the browser that is gaining much popularity today has built temptation for Linux and Mac users regarding the launch of Chrome for these platforms. Well now Linux and Mac users will be able to use Chrome, or to say a crash prone version of Chrome.


I just fought a malware on this WordPress blog

My blog was facing a malware issue in the last few days. Well I wasn’t aware of this fact. About 5 days ago, when I tried to open my blog in Google Chrome, it showed a malware warning. I was pretty much surprised to see that, because my blog was running smooth on Chrome just the day before. I thought either there’s something wrong with my computer or Chrome was screwed up.

Greasemonkey for Chrome 4

Greasemonkey for Chrome

Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to write scripts that change the functionality of a webpage. A website can be made more interactive with Greasemonkey. One can also interconnect two sites to integrate the information from both sites.