Quick view the links shared in Google+ through Chrome

Twitter after its new redesign lets you see shared videos or photos from Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Yfrog, Twitpic etc. without leaving the site. Wouldn’t you want a similar functionality on Google+ where you can view a site shared on Google+ without having to leave the page? Quick View for Google Plus is a Chrome Extension that lets you view content shared on Google+ without leaving the website.

Quick View for Google Plus adds a quick view functionality to Google+. For example, if a friend of yours shared a news item on Google+, you can read it without opening the page in another tab. Just install the Chrome Extension for Google Plus and next time you see any link shared on Google+, you should be able to view it right from there. After installing the Quick View for Google Plus extension refresh Google+ and select any update that has a link. Now hit the space bar. The content from the shared link will then be loaded in a popup window on top of Google Plus. To close the popup, press Space Bar again and you will be back on Google+.

Google Plus already has some keyboard shortcuts like the “J” and “K” button for scrolling the page. With extensions like Quick View for Google Plus, using Google+ can be a better experience.

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