Print previewing and downloading via Manager in Chrome

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June 28, 2010

IE Tab logo You might have noticed that some websites explicitly require Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer Tab or IE tab is a very useful plugin for chrome that enables you to view a page as it would look on Internet Explorer. But besides that it is also nifty for some other tasks like print previewing in Google Chrome, downloading via download manager on right-click and so on.

print preview on chrome using IE Tab plugin First you’ll need to install IE Tab plugin or addon for Google Chrome. You can download it here. After installing you’ll see a nice little IE tab icon beside the address bar. With your required webpage opened, click on this icon to load the page in an Internet Explorer Tab. Now right click on the page and you’ll see a “Print Preview” option in the context menu. Click on it and see how the page will look on print.

Many of you may like downloading software or any other stuff via download managers for faster downloads. Many download managers do not support Google Chrome but support IE just fine. Open up your page via IE Tab and right click on your download link. If you have your download manager (Orbit Downloader, FlashGet etc.) installed, you’ll see a “Download via Orbit Downloader” or similar option in the context menu. Click on it to download directly from the download manager. You can also download embedded videos or other media via Google chrome.

So, isn’t it easy to use Download Manager Print preview a page on Google Chrome?

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