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Google TV – Go Get It to Enjoy Internet TV

When it comes to using internet TV, you have to think of getting a gadget that would give you the best viewing experience. That’s exactly when you can rely on Google TV. If Google TV would work the way the company is saying, then you can expect a whole new experience with your TV. By just turning it on, you’ll see the Google TV home page. You can surf the internet using the Google Chrome and can download apps on the TV just like it’s done in any smart phone.

Google Introduces programming language Dart

For programmers, there are lots of programming languages to choose from. Java, C#, Python etc. are some of the most popular programming languages in the current scenario. Amidst the hordes of all the prevailing programming languages, Google has just introduced a programming language and it is known as Dart.

This is what is happening to Your Pagerank

There has been a lot of confusion and uproar in the SEO world today due to what so many people think as Google stopping pagerank. I woke up this morning to the news. The death of Steve Jobs was really sad news for me in the first place, only for me to check my dick blick discount and istockphoto coupon blog to discover that my pagerank isn’t active again. I thought maybe there is a problem with the plugin I’m using to check my pagerank so I decided to use a pagerank checker site only to get an error that my pagerank can’t be found. I tried checking some of my other blogs, and also some of the favorite websites I visit regularly only to see that they all don’t have any pagerank.

Make more from your traffic by multivariate testing

Multivariate testing can help companies make more money by increasing website traffic and sales conversions. Companies evaluate each landing page to determine how the layout, colors, images, videos and other elements of the website affect their ability to entice customers to purchase products or services. The more appealing and user-friendly the website becomes, the more likely visitors will purchase a product from the site. Multivariate testing helps companies know definitively which website elements are most effective.

The Power of Google Webmaster Tools

According to Alexa Search Engine rankings, Google is currently the most used search engine on the Web. Further fleshing out its position at the top of the search engine pile, Google also offers a suite of powerful Webmaster Tools that help webmasters better optimize their site for Google results, and that also can provide powerful analytical data about website traffic.

An all in one Chrome extension for Google+

With the introduction of Google+ in the social networking scenario, a lot of browser addons and extensions have already been developed. Extensions for having Google+ notifications, quick view etc. are already available for Google Chrome. GTools+ is an extension that may be the perfect tool for Google Plus you’re looking for.

SEO for e-commerce product pages

Search engine optimisation for e-commerce sites presents a number of challenges and opportunities that need to be overcome in order to maximise conversion and rankings alike. In this post we shall look at the product page only, and how to make the most of this vital element to any e-commerce business.

Mark Zuckerberg has the highest number of followers on Google+

Google+’s rival numero uno Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg is also on Google+. But you’d be surprised to know that Mark Zuckererg has the highest number of followers on Google+ followed just by Google’s co-owner Larry Page.

Google’s Feedback for sending Feedbacks for Google products

Google is on the endeavor to make improvements to their products all the time. For this, they have added a Feedback button to most of their products whose latest versions have just been introduced. Have you tried out the Feedback button in Google plus or the Cosmic Panda in Youtube? You’ll be amazed after looking at it.

Google Authorship and its ties with Google+

Google recently announced Google Authorship, Google’s initiative towards identifying the original author of an article. For identifying the author of an article, Google will be seeing a connection between the article page, the author profile page and the author’s Google Profile. The content page can be any article on a website and the author page is a webpage within the same domain that contains information on the author of an article.