Google Introduces programming language Dart

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October 10, 2011

For programmers, there are lots of programming languages to choose from. Java, C#, Python etc. are some of the most popular programming languages in the current scenario. Amidst the hordes of all the prevailing programming languages, Google has just introduced a programming language and it is known as Dart.

The Dart intro page says that Dart was designed to look and feel familiar for those who come from languages like Java and Javascript. The intro page says that the language is unique in its own way. Some tutorials on the page give you a basic idea on the basic syntaxes and how you can use the programming language. A basic “Hello, World” code in Dart would look like;

main() {

var name = ‘World’;

print(‘Hello, ${name}!’);


Dart’s website also offers tutorials on Classes and interfaces in Dart. Dart can be a fun way to program applications and a big approach towards structured web programming.

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