This is what is happening to Your Pagerank

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October 6, 2011

There has been a lot of confusion and uproar in the SEO world today due to what so many people think as Google stopping pagerank. I woke up this morning to the news. The death of Steve Jobs was really sad news for me in the first place, only for me to check my  discount and istockphoto coupon blog to discover that my pagerank isn’t active again. I thought maybe there is a problem with the plugin I’m using to check my pagerank so I decided to use a pagerank checker site only to get an error that my pagerank can’t be found. I tried checking some of my other blogs, and also some of the favorite websites I visit regularly only to see that they all don’t have any pagerank.

I was confused, because I know Google can’t just stop the pagerank feature like that. No, not yet! After researching, I noticed that Google hasn’t stopped the pagerank yet, it is another thing.

This is What is Happening

What is happening is that Google just changed its pagerank server, and as a result, all old plugins and tools have been affected. There can be many reasons for Google wanting to update its pagerank server. It could be because they want people to get the pagerank results faster, it could be because they want to be updating the external pagerank of sites more often, and it could be because they want people to prepare for the pagerank feature being stopped. Either ways, what happened today has shook the SEO and blogging world, and a lot of people are still yet to discover that Google PR is yet to be stopped.

How to Check Your PR Now

If you still haven’t gotten a way to check your PR you can easily do so now by installing the official Google Toolbar on your browser and enabling its PR feature. You can also try the online pagerank toolbar here.

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