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See Google Maps being edited in realtime

Google Maps is updated frequently aided with contributions from people all over the world. Do you wish to see how people are editing Google Maps around the world? Google Maps Maker lets you see how Google Maps is being edited in realtime.

People search engine Waatp

There is a wide range of people search engines available on the internet and some of them offer favorable comprehensive results while others provide just partial information about particular person you are searching. One of such people search engines you can try is Waatp.com.

Diminished Reality – Remove objects from video on the fly

Researchers at Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany created “Diminished Reality” which can stunningly remove objects from a video in real time and the results are great. Well it works this way: The software first reduces the resolution of the object and then removes the object from the selected area and then it improves the result and incrementally increases the resolution so as to match the quality of the original.

Now body organs can send updates to your cellphone

Have you seen cardiac patients and how they have a tendency to to awry? There are micro devices that are installed into the body of heart patients for giving them immediate remedy in certain conditions. Scientists have now devised a great technique for better monitoring of heart by giving a unique IP address to the hearts of patients.

Drrop – Interact with people through Drrops

A new Japan based website Drrop has been launched that will let you interact with people with the help of Drrops. You might ask what a drrop is. Well a drrop is like a status update from people who you may know or not know and you may see those drrops only once once you wipe them away.